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America’s “Savior” Gets Dissed

I haven’t written a good “mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!” in a long time, probably because it is rather childish, but, mwahahahahahahahahahaha! Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s web-bred legions made their own rules as they went on the attack against Fox News and GOP operatives (like pollster Frank Luntz, in video). “You are ignoring America’s savior!” cried a young […]

Secret Service Notices Obama Needs More Protection

Perhaps they read these posts by The Gun Toting Liberal and Sister Toldjah! Secret Service presence has increased for Sen. Barack Obama since his dramatic win in Iowa, amid fears over the safety of the man seeking to become America’s first black president. The Illinois senator’s security now rivals that of President Bush, with a […]

Beer Monday: Hillary Says Elect a Doer, Not A Sayer

Good Monday! The start of a new work week, time to get busy, shift a few paradigms, revolutionize out the box. How about a beer? (hard to believe I have never used that video before, but, I think it fits. Though, in all honesty, it would work better if it was Edwards having the dust […]

20 Most Annoying Liberals

Right Wing News has its 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2007 up. Check it out.

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