Daily Archives: January 29, 2008

Club G’itmo Lawyers For B. Hussein Obama

Why am I not surprised? More than 80 volunteer lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainees today endorsed Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s presidential bid. The attorneys said in a joint statement that they believed Obama was the best choice to roll back the Bush-Cheney administration’s detention policies in the war on terrorism and thereby to “restore the […]

Senate Dems Have Their Own StimulASS Package

Good news. The chances of seeing an economic stimulus package anytime soon just died The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee yesterday unveiled a rival plan to stimulate the economy, offering a $500 check to virtually every American – including low-income seniors and rich financiers – in a direct challenge to the bipartisan deal reached […]

Which Presidential Candidate Is The Most Website Friendly?

For those familiar with Fred! Thompson’s website, all you Fredheads out there, you knew that it was pretty website friendly. And, by that, I mean there were plenty of Fred! sponsored downloads that one could put on ones personal website, particularly blog sidebars and embedded in the main index, single post, or comments files. He […]

TLF: Transform America

I’m not quite sure when Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas) actually said “transform,” but, like all the other liberals that hate America, it appears that the Credentialed Media at CNN sure want that to happen. So, the Dems trotted up Gov. Sebelius, appropriately dressed as a mannequin (or is she usually that stiff?). You remember her. […]

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