Daily Archives: January 23, 2008

On Those “935 Falsehoods”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another leftard meme about “Bush lied, kids died.” I wonder why none of them mention that it was a Soros funded “study” that ignored the fact that most of the stuff has already been debunked, a great deal is taken completely out of context, and that some is simply mistakes in intelligence – […]

Billy Jeff Unites The Left And The Right

I wonder how. Let’s ask Howard Kurtz It looks like a singular political figure has suddenly broken through and united both the left and the right in this country. Everybody seems to be ticked at Bill Clinton. Heh heh! Meanwhile, Slick says “screw it, I’m running for president.”

Stem Cells Used In Attempt To Fix Hearts

And, guess, what? Once again, the ones used are not embyonic (via Insty) British scientists have been given the go-ahead to begin potentially ground-breaking experiments using injections of stem cells to repair patients’ damaged hearts. The team hopes to repair the organs of people who have suffered the most severe heart attacks. (snip) The trial […]

WTW: Why Change?

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here with some of that truthiness stuff. Personally, I have to wonder about change. Cause ya know, that is all the Democrat presidential candidates want. They seemingly want to change everything about the country. It makes it seem as if they do not like the United States of America. In their […]

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