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GOP Debate

The more I hear Ron Paul speak, the more I think that, God forbid, he get the GOP nomination, I would vote for Hillary, Edwards, or B. Hussein Obama. Matter of fact, I know I would do that. Guy is a major league crank, conspiracy nut, and blame America first wacko.

Wear Green On Friday

Check out The Underground Conservative for the 411, and Michelle Malkin (who wonders if Huckabee will wear orange) for more. Get your Green button at this page. I have no green shirts, but, I have green socks and pants! And green skivi…well, that’s my bidness

Kos Kids Konglomerate Head Recommends Shady Voter Games

I do not think we can call this fraud, but, it is certainly shady and dishonest, which is interesting as it is always Libtards whining about voting issues. By the head Bat himself With a history of meddling in our primaries, why don’t we try and return the favor. Next Tuesday, January 15th, Michigan will […]

SCOTUS To Hear Indiana Voting Law – Opponents Prove Why Law Works

Serenipidy? Irony? Coincidental? You decide On the eve of a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Indiana Voter ID law has become a story with a twist: One of the individuals used by opponents to the law as an example of how the law hurts older Hoosiers is registered to vote in two states. […]

TTLF: A 40,000 Pound Gift For Al Qaeda

I gotta say, the US Air Force are really a generous bunch of folks U.S. warplanes dropped 40,000 pounds of bombs on Thursday in a sudden and massive strike on more than 40 al Qaeda targets clustered in date palm groves on Baghdad’s southern outskirts, the military said. The U.S. Air Force sent two B-1 […]

The Presidential Picker Test

Via Still Stacy, this tells me something interesting 83% John McCain 80% Mitt Romney 75% Mike Huckabee 73% Fred Thompson 67% Tom Tancredo 56% Bill Richardson 56% Rudy Giuliani 55% Ron Paul 46% Hillary Clinton 45% Chris Dodd 43% Barack Obama 42% John Edwards 36% Joe Biden 24% Mike Gravel 20% Dennis Kucinich 2008 Presidential […]

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