GOP Debate

The more I hear Ron Paul speak, the more I think that, God forbid, he get the GOP nomination, I would vote for Hillary, Edwards, or B. Hussein Obama. Matter of fact, I know I would do that. Guy is a major league crank, conspiracy nut, and blame America first wacko.

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9 Responses to “GOP Debate”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    I watched him during the debate and someone should lock him up before he harms himself or others. Batsh** crazy is not a stong enough term.

  2. John Ryan says:

    A respected member of the Republican party for many years, and now all of a sudden he is an embarrassment ?
    Plus he has a blimp.

  3. Silke says:

    I won’t be voting for Ron Paul but I don’t hate him like some people seem to do. I think Andrew Sullivan makes a good point about him:

    No one else, except McCain, copped to the GOP’s rank betrayal of fiscal conservatism, limited government, prudent foreign policy and civil liberties. When he was asked to disown the 9/11 Truthers, he gave a revealing answer, and one that reflects on the newsletters issue. It just isn’t in his nature to adopt other people’s views, or to tell anyone else what to believe or what to say. He doesn’t just believe in libertarianism; he lives it. This means that he doesn’t have the instinct to police anyone else’s views or actions within the law or the Constitution. I don’t think it excuses his negligence in the past, but it does help me understand it better.

  4. I agree, Scrapiron, the dude is batsh*t.

    John, since when was Paul a respected republican? Most people had barely heard of him, if heard him at all. He left the GOP one time. He is an embarrasment. Hell, he’s weaker on national security then most democrats.

    I do not hate him, Silke. I do not know him personally. I think he is dangerous to national security and full of it on most other things. He blames America first in almost everything, is a Truther (no matter what he says) and a racist.

  5. Silke says:

    Teach, Ron Paul may be supported by Truthers and racists but I don’t believe he is one. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t take the opportunity during the debates to influence their views but I think that’s part of his libertarian roots. What has Ron Paul ever said personally that shows he is a Truther or a racist?

  6. Silke, he may not be a Truther, but he sure likes them as his followers though, eh? He disavowed being one during the debates, but, having them as supporters isn’t exactly the kind of people a rational presidential contender would want.

    As far as the racist stuff, let me refer you to this post at Hot Air. I would like to write it all myself, but, I only have a few minutes of a break between sessions.

    Scroll down to the link in the post, too.

  7. Silke says:

    Teach, I read the post at hot air. There was no reference to anything that Ron Paul has said personally that would indicate he is a Truther or a racist. I did agree with this part of the post though:

    Ron Paul has many honorable supporters among the crowd who genuinely believe that he’s just a small-government libertarian. Most of his supporters are probably of that stripe, and not part of the the Duke/Rockwell/Stormfront/Truther wing of the Paul movement at all.

  8. Did you read about the newsletter that was published in his name, Silke? Check it out. Follow the links.

    He may not be a Truther, but, he associates with them, he has been on Alex Jones’ radio show dozens of time (Jones is one of the head truthers) and has taken money from him. Funny how so many of his supports are truthers and he hangs around them.

    Tons of his supporters are real racists. He has taken money from Stormfront founder Don Black. He has been seen in the company of white supremacists. And he has not disavowed them or moved away from them.

    Sure, he has some honorable followers. Many of them are our blog friends, such as Ogre. But, he also has a bunch of complete wacko’s, not to mention the truthers and white supremacists/neo-nazis

  9. Silke says:

    Ron Paul denounced the newsletter. Those were not his words. There’s no direct evidence that he has made racist remarks. I agree he could do a better job of distancing himself from these people but again, there’s no direct evidence he feels this way himself.

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