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Hye, There’s A Debate Going On

Oh, goody, goody, 3 1/2 hours of sound bites and patronizing, maybe a few raised hands. Hot Air is having an open thread on it. I seriously have to wonder, as I did over at Michele’s spot, what idiot scheduled this on Playoff Saturday. Sure, politics are really important, but, on Saturday as we have […]

Iraqi PM Shows Where The Blame Belongs

I like what Insty said about this story: Now, if he’d blamed the United States, it’d be front-paged all over. . . . BAGHDAD (AFP) — Iraq’s culture of corruption stems from the actions of the international community and the controversial UN oil-for-food scheme, the deputy prime minister Barham Saleh said on Thursday. Speaking at […]

The Illegal Immigration Events Map

Brought to you by the same folks who do the terrorist global incident map, there is now one for illegal immigration. Check it out.

NY Times Now In To Black Obama

Yesterday, the Grey Lady told us how evil it was to hold the first caucus in lilly white Iowa, ignoring the fact that Obama, who won on the Defeatocrat side, is, well, black. Devoid of any experience and plans to match his soundbites, but, still Black. Today, they continue their race baiting, as they are […]

Aside: Hils To Femizine Herself

Is Hillary going to feminize herself and appear warmer. Yeah. See TMZ for the details.

Aside: SCOTUS To Rule On Child Rape

SCOTUS will decide next week whether rape of a child deserves the death penalty. See Stop The ACLU for the 411. My answer is “yes.”

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