On Those “935 Falsehoods”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another leftard meme about “Bush lied, kids died.” I wonder why none of them mention that it was a Soros funded “study” that ignored the fact that most of the stuff has already been debunked, a great deal is taken completely out of context, and that some is simply mistakes in intelligence – intelligence that most of the world’s intell agencies, not to mention the U.N., and, oh yea, Democrats believed in (video via Lawhawk)

Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post drinks a heavy dose of Kool Aid, as does John Cushman at the NY Times. No mention of Soros. Or the Dems in the video.

Hot Air has video of Visitor Denny K getting smacked upside the head with a virtual 2×4 for bring this up in an impeachment rant on the House floor.

Captain Ed breaks it down so that even a moonbat can understand. Though, of course, they wouldn’t want to understand.

California Yankee channels The Gipper “There they go again.”

Sister Toldjah wonders about that meme about no liberal bias in the media.

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One Response to “On Those “935 Falsehoods””

  1. John Ryan says:

    I am not sure that many people bothered to read that study, or cared who funded it.
    However, Bush has the continual lowest Presidential approval ratings in history.
    In 7 years we have seen the American dollar plummet in value and the stock market go up 10% in 7 years for a average rate much less than inflation.

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