TLF: Barking Moonbats Plan Anti-Bush Campaign During W’s Last 365

The AP, which writes the article, calls them liberals. Really, isn’t it about time to start really referring to them as leftists, or, has the hard left taken over and absorbed the remaining old school liberals?

A liberal advocacy group plans to spend $8.5 million in a drive to make sure President Bush’s public approval doesn’t improve as his days in the White House come to an end.

Americans United for Change plans to undertake a yearlong campaign, spending the bulk of the money on advertising, to keep public attention on what the group says are the failures of the Bush administration, including the war in Iraq, the response to Hurricane Katrina, and the current mortgage crisis.

In selling the plan to fundraisers, the group has argued that support for President Reagan was at a low of 42 percent in 1987 but climbed to 63 percent before he left office. “All of a sudden he became a rallying cry for conservatives and their ideology,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of the group. “Progressives are still living with that.”


I wonder how many people AUC could help with $8.5 million? How many they could feed? How many they could help with housing in New Orleans? How many who are in the “I got a stupid mortgage” mess? How many they could by health insurance for? (the health insurance thing is prominently displayed on their front page. Make sure you head to Youtube and crash their video.)

Quite a few, I bet. But, you know how the lefties act. It is more important to set aside their supposed compassion and engage warp drive to BDS.

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8 Responses to “TLF: Barking Moonbats Plan Anti-Bush Campaign During W’s Last 365”

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  3. John Ryan says:

    Well lets see how many they could help
    Health insurance is about 1000 per month for a family of 4
    so yes they could help about 700 families. Of course that would still leave about 10,000,000 families without health care.
    So maybe it is better to use the money to show people WHERE the problem is rather than fixing what would amount to 1/10,000 of the problem

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  8. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    MEN are from Mars… WOMEN are from Venus & Adam’s rib… and Demliblooney left-wing moonbats are from Uranus via the Black Hole!

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