Beer Monday: Hillary Says Elect a Doer, Not A Sayer

Good Monday! The start of a new work week, time to get busy, shift a few paradigms, revolutionize out the box. How about a beer?

(hard to believe I have never used that video before, but, I think it fits. Though, in all honesty, it would work better if it was Edwards having the dust up with Hillary)

Hillary is on the trail of B. Hussein Obama with her pop gun, painting him as a sayer, not a doer

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York (reverse carpetbagger) yesterday tried to reframe the Democratic presidential contest as “talk versus action” and “rhetoric versus reality,” leveling charges that Sen. Barack Obama has done little more than give impassioned speeches.

“If you gave a speech – and a very good speech – against the war in Iraq in 2002, and then by 2004, you’re saying you’re not sure how you would have voted, and then by 2005, -6, and -7, you vote for $300 billion for the war you said you were against, that’s not change,” Mrs. Clinton told a standing-room-only crowd in a high school gymnasium.

Well, that’s nice and all, but, in all seriousness, has either of them done anything? Being the First Lady for 8 years is not really experience. As John Hawkins writes about her experience “then next time you’re going in to have surgery done, ask yourself if you’d allow the surgeon’s wife to cut you open because of all the “experience” she gained by being married to him for 8 years.”

Throughout the entire article, which references her quotes, she fails to tell us what she herself has done, which is a rather common theme. Can anyone really think of anything of substance that she has done? She tried to get socialized medicine passed early in Slick’s presidency, which failed miserably. After that, anything? She is in her 8th year as the junior Senator from New York. Any substantive legislation?

Hillary has a fact check page linked from her Hils for 2008 campain page, which spends an inordinate time focusing on Obama, rather then on what she herself has done. The only thing on the page today, which acts as a weblog, which tells us what she has done is a claim that she helped create SCHIP. I do not remember her being in Congress in 1997. Do you?

A quick and easy check of legislation from 2007, let’s go to the tale of the tape

  • Clinton: 146 pieces submitted, 12 agreed to and/or passed, 1 ruled out of order
  • Obama: A busy little beaver, with 459 pieces submitted! 91 passed/agreed to.

Now, this does not take in to consideration legislation actually passed out of the Senate and into law, just what passed/agreed to in the Senate. Quite a few of B. Hussein’s stuff was simple resolutions, some of little consequence. But, by my reckoning, he is 8 times ahead of Little Miss Experience. Or, is it change? I suppose she would prefer “Queen.”

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13 Responses to “Beer Monday: Hillary Says Elect a Doer, Not A Sayer”

  1. seleucus says:

    This is the best I’ve seen in my whole life. I must buy that beer.

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