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Aside: Fred! Apologizes To The Huckster

Really, Fred! is just that kind of a nice guy. Check Stop The ACLU for the full details.

Best Website For PDA’s

Do you have a Microsoft enabled PDA with Internet access through your wireless carrier? Well, check out The Mobile Stream Center, which is a pda version of its parent page. If the radio station is on the ‘net, you can probably listen to it. During the day, I am able to tune in to WABC […]

Bush Pardons Drug Dealers, But Not Compean And Ramos

I actually saw this on the news briefly the other day, and, like Steve Elliot at Grassfire, I am livid I don’t recall ever having been more outraged than I am right now. I have just received a special “Media Advisory” from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s (R-CA) office condemning the President’s snub of Ramos and Compean. […]

bRight & Early’s Warning Labels For Candidates

Jim at bRight & Early has a few warning labels for presidential candidates Many people got a laugh out of the Wacky Warning Label Contest where the winning label advised, “Danger: Avoid Death”. That got me thinking, shouldn’t there be warning labels applied to the 2008 presidential primary candidates? Here are a few to get […]

Code Pink Hating on Democrats 2008

Cannibalism! Leaders of the antiwar group Code Pink, frustrated by the ineffectiveness of Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, yesterday said they are mobilizing a campaign for regime change within the party in the 2008 elections. The mostly female group — famous for disrupting congressional hearings and its demonstrators clad in pink T-shirts and tiaras — […]

TTLF: Voting Against And Censoring Christmas

If you listen to left wing pundits, there is no war on Christmas. It is all something made up in the minds of Bill O’Reilly and all the right wingnut neocon facists chickenhawks. Oh, really? Via Michelle Malkin From the office of GOP Rep. Steve King: Congressman Steve King reacted this morning to the nine […]

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