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Intersting Muslim Video

Very reasonable sounding, eh? I think the point is that not all Muslims are Sharia seeking, head chopping, women beating, jihad nutjobs. And, that is probably true. I know I have Muslims living in my development, and see them around Raleigh, and, I am not particularly worried. However, did anyone notice that the speaker forgot […]

Aussie PM Rudd Decides Economy More Important Then Silly Climate Change Hysteria

Ah, it must be wonderful to be a lefty politician smacked in the face with reality PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd last night did an about-face on deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, days after Australia’s delegation backed the plan at the climate talks in Bali. A government representative at the talks this week said Australia […]

Button For Thought

TTLF: Poor Osama Driver. Sniffle

Sure to be the next cause celeb by the Left A military judge rejected a request Wednesday by lawyers for a Guantanamo detainee to talk to the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, thwarting their attempt to show the defendant was a minor al-Qaida figure. Civilian defense attorney Harry Schneider told reporters he had […]

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