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Richardson And Huckaboom On Bhutto (Plus Paul)

Via Insty, Captain Ed brings the nutroots home At one point, I considered Bill Richardson the most prepared Democrat for the Presidency, based on his extensive experience in foreign relations, Congress, and the executive branch. That experience doesn’t do much good without common sense, and Richardson keeps proving his lack of it. Today, in responseto […]

Voting For Ron Paul?

Over at Michelle Malkin’s spot, she has a poll up asking if her peeps would vote for John McCain. You can see the results, which show that 6% love McCain, 51% say they would hold their nose and vote for him, and rest would either not vote, vote fro Hillary, or rather be waterboarded. Sure, […]

TTLF: Blogburst For Fred!

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House had the great idea to do a blogburst for Fred! The campaign has set a goal of raising $248,000 by sundown on Friday so that they can run a new ad in Iowa. This ad could make the difference and allow Thompson to make a surprise showing in […]

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