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Clinton Tried To Kill Santa

Still funny!

Global Warming’s Hurricane Link Disputed

I thought it was a concensus? Doesn’t every scientist Believe? I reckon’ not At its essence, hurricane season moves to a simple rhythm. Sea temperatures rise in June, allowing the first, weak storms to form. Hurricane activity peaks in early fall, when the seas are warmest. The storms don’t ebb until November, as the oceans […]

Ron Paul Blimp

I wonder how the blimp will fare when it gets to the area where so many of Paul’s white supremacist supports reside? Provided the blimp gets a schedule farther then the tea party Sunday, of course.

Aside: Moonbats At Newsweek

Newsweek is apparently no longer content with dhimmi commentaries.

Iraqi People Continue To Say No To Violence Plus Dems Go Spelunking

Not going to find this in the MSM Using information provided by members of a Concerned Local Citizens group, Soldiers from Company B, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, killed two insurgents, seized a weapons cache and destroyed an enemy stronghold during a nighttime air assault in Al Bawi, a small village outside of Salman Pak, […]

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