Daily Archives: December 19, 2007

Global Warming Today: Huh? It’s Stopped?

It’s always interesting when reports are based on facts. It should be more interesting when the climahysterics respond with conjecture, reports from non-scientists at the United Nations, and fun invective Global warming stopped? Surely not. What heresy is this? Haven’t we been told that the science of global warming is settled beyond doubt and that […]

Fire At Old Executive Office: DUmmies Insane

The former is news. The latter is not (crossed at Blue Star Chronicles) Thick black smoke billowed from a fire Wednesday on the White House compound in the Executive Office Building. The blaze appeared to be located near the ceremonial office of Vice President Dick Cheney on the second floor of the building. The vice […]

Aside: Right Wing News On Ron Paul

John Hawkins at Right Wing News does the best job so far on why so many Conservatives (the majority) are against Ron Paul. Check it out.

WTW: Love Children!

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here on another gorgeous White Trash Wednesday. I reckon I’ll admit I am a bit pressed for time, ye olde server needed a swift kick in the reboot, apparently. But, I have noticed a curious coincidence. Starting with John Edwards (D-Breck). The National Enquirer dropped a story that My Little Silke […]

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