Fire At Old Executive Office: DUmmies Insane

The former is news. The latter is not (crossed at Blue Star Chronicles)

Thick black smoke billowed from a fire Wednesday on the White House compound in the Executive Office Building.

The blaze appeared to be located near the ceremonial office of Vice President Dick Cheney on the second floor of the building. The vice president was across the street in his office in the West Wing of the White House.

Now, to DUmmie World (obviously, bad language involved. Ye have been warned, mateys!)

  • MSNBC reporting that fire was IN Cheney’s offices. They’re now talking about doc destruction Saying that ‘sensitive materials’ may have been damaged or lost. These motherfuckers.
  • Building Seven?
  • I saw this coming. I think we all did.
  • yeah, the shredder short circuited… n/t
  • perfect!!!! you can hear them now….’sorry documents were destroyed in fire’.
  • I was hoping some patriotic firefighters would accidentally retrieve some documents nt
  • I believe Arson qualifies as a “high crime”…..nt
  • There’s nothing they won’t do to avoid being caught. They are criminals. I wonder when we’ll start treating them as such.
  • Would they stoop that low? Of course they would! MOTHERFUCKING CRIMINALS!!!!
  • That was the first thing that I thought of when I heard about the fire …and I imagine that 95% of DUers thought the same. (so only 5% of DUmmies are sane? Good to know.)
  • oh look brittneys sister is prego!! (I guess we have to question the timing of the story)

It must be fun to live in a fantasy world. Of course, in my fantasy world, I spend my days surfing around the world and drinking with hot babes at night. Go figure.

Keep an eye on that thread, it is starting to get good. Another one has some good conspiracy, too. Heck, the point of the thread is conspiracy, as they want to know what files are being destroyed.

did you know that some of PRESCOTT BUSH’S FILES WERE ALSO DESTROYED IN A FIRE which was deemed to be an accident. damn! these darn bushes don’t miss a single step into their malevolence, their wickedness and their evilness.

Only a Moonbat would know that, which bumps it up to a Cat 5 Prozac alert


BTW, the fire was put out pretty quickly. But the libs will be talking about this for a week.

Hot Air has a post up, which caught another moonbat palooza

And Michelle catches some of those lovely useful idiots at the Hufftard Post. Reichstag’s all the rage!

Little Green Footballs and A Blog For All catch other left wing loonacy.

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6 Responses to “Fire At Old Executive Office: DUmmies Insane”

  1. […] you can imagine, the Moonbats are in full blown tin foil alert. William Teach has braved the swamps. Sphere: Related […]

  2. […] you can imagine, the Moonbats are in full blown tin foil alert. William Teach has braved the swamps. Sphere: Related […]

  3. John Ryan says:

    Most of the many many comments seem to have been rather humorous
    When I last looked there were 87 comments How many were by your count were “insane” ?

  4. Obviously, you do not spend much time around the fever swamps of Liberal World, John. Good for you.

    There were only about 25 comments when I went over there.

    If you think those comments were the works of sane people, I feel sorry for you.

  5. Stacy says:

    Actually, funniest one I read was something along the lines of . . .

    “if it had happened earlier, it could of been ‘oh, those missing CIA tapes were destroyed in the fire'”

  6. Oh, no doubt they are funny. They provide some awesome humor in their nuttiness.

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