Voting For Ron Paul?

Over at Michelle Malkin’s spot, she has a poll up asking if her peeps would vote for John McCain. You can see the results, which show that 6% love McCain, 51% say they would hold their nose and vote for him, and rest would either not vote, vote fro Hillary, or rather be waterboarded.

Sure, McCain has lots of negatives, but, he also has a few positives, such as his unabashed support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and that he is not a Democrat. If it comes down to it, I would rather see a Republican in the WH then a Democrat. It would kinda be a reverse of 2004, where the Dems were not voting for Kerry, but against Bush.

But, here is the big question: what if Ron Paul gets the nomination? Personally, his negatives far outweigh any that McCain has. Do you vote for Paul over Hillary/Edwards/Obama?

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9 Responses to “Voting For Ron Paul?”

  1. Ron Paul is leagues above Hillary, Obama, or Edwards. His desire to cut back egregious federal spending is something that the “bridge to nowhere” Republicans should get through their heads.

    Ron Paul might be an oddball, but he’s OUR oddball.

  2. Stix says:

    Yes he is an oddball. A republican spitting on Lincoln President Bush. I would rather vote for anyone but him, He is not even a Republican, he is a Libertarian and yes the conservatives has some libertarian leanings, but not to the extreme he does. Also he does not even do what he preaches, he puts in pork for his own district and then says that it is all good because he then votes against it, knowing well that there are enough votes to get it passed anyway. The more I hear what he really is the worse I think of him.

  3. Paul has some good ideas, Robert, but, his negatives are just too huge in my eyes. When all is said and done, if, God forbid, he got the nomination, I would really have to hold my nose and vote for him.

    You are pretty much correct, Stix. I kinda see him as an old style Classical Conservative, where they want to play daddy, and always look way in the past, be entirely too cautious and in looking.

  4. Stacy says:

    He’s too Ross Perotish for my taste.

  5. beth says:

    Well, that’s an impossible question!! You come up with good ones Teach. Its kinda like choosing whether you want to commit suicide by slitting your wrist or taking an overdose. They both end up with the same result just through different methods.

  6. Good point, Stacy. The dude is also very dangerous on foreign policy.

    Come one, Beth, choose!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. poetryman69 says:

    Ron Paul is often interviewed and financially supported by the so called “9-11 truther” crowd. According to them, Muslims never do anything wrong. They blame all terrorism first on the US, then Israel, the Jews, then blacks. They sound like either stealth Nazis or stealth Klansmen or both. The “9/11 truthers” spend a lot of time commiserating with racial separatists over the plight of Aryans and tax cheats. If Ron Paul lies down with dogs, he gets up with fleas.

  8. Haines says:

    How about the Bush family and Binladen’s being friends, or the Clinton’s and Bush’s being friends? The real question, and I ask this to everyone, is the information that is being given from that of Ron Paul, or of big media? I suggest whomever read this do some extent of research on the Neocron political views and then see how they apply to our current nominees. A far more frightning idea then having a face with seemingly radical idea’s is instead having to pick between individuals who all share similar currently failing positions. Research it, I believe who every does with be more then subtly suprised.

  9. Stix says:

    If you believe that Bush and the Clinton’s have similar ideas than you are farther off the reservation than I thought. Ron Paul has more than radical idea’s, he has regressive ideas to bring us back to segregation. That has no place in the Republican Party or any party for that matter. And why does Ron Paul the master of the Constitution and end of pork, keep on writing pork that he knows will get passed, but votes against it. That is just a petty trick to make it look like he is not a big time porker. the more you peel from Our Saviour Ron Paul, the more he looks rotten.

    I am really surprised that any thinking person can get hoodwinked by this fool.

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