Intersting Muslim Video

Very reasonable sounding, eh? I think the point is that not all Muslims are Sharia seeking, head chopping, women beating, jihad nutjobs. And, that is probably true. I know I have Muslims living in my development, and see them around Raleigh, and, I am not particularly worried. However, did anyone notice that the speaker forgot one thing? Namely, that he does not believe in spreading Sharia and is opposed to the violence pouring from people of his faith.

Following this is an interesting article from back in 2005 at The Daily Standard, which concludes

While Bray pointed out in our debate that MAS has educated Muslims about the American judicial system, that is not the issue. Muslims in America have no choice but to use the U.S. courts. Rather, the issue is one of respect for the liberal democratic traditions at the bedrock of our culture. While Bray tries to portray MAS as an organization that embraces these shared values, the group simultaneously teaches its members that all government should become Islamic and that non-Islamic judicial systems should be boycotted.

MAS has long played a double game where, despite its fringe outlook, it attempts to pass itself off as mainstream. When the Chicago Tribune began to lift the curtain on this deception with its investigative report, MAS’s leadership quibbled with the portrait that the newspaper painted. Yet an even bigger indictment lies in the material that MAS requires its members to read–and in the book that it touts as “the correct unified comprehension of Islam.”

Read the whole article.

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