Best Website For PDA’s

Do you have a Microsoft enabled PDA with Internet access through your wireless carrier? Well, check out The Mobile Stream Center, which is a pda version of its parent page. If the radio station is on the ‘net, you can probably listen to it.

During the day, I am able to tune in to WABC and listen to Rush and Hannity, provided I actually have time. I can listen to Boortz on WSB. If you like classic rock, search “bone.” There are a bunch of stations that go by that call name. The ones in Dallas and San Fran are particularly good. I can pretty much listen to them anywhere. I also get zero radio in my office, not that I am in there that often. I can make sure I can listen to what I want when driving.

Check it out. You can also use the regular version from your PC.

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4 Responses to “Best Website For PDA’s”

  1. no doubt good site. i was googling best sites for pda and found this one. thanks for sharing

  2. You’re quite welcome.

  3. Jo says:

    Great site, unfortunately, my BB doesn’t do radio over the net. Maybe one day! Thank you!

  4. I ran across a plugin that cost like $20 somewhere for BB, while looking for one for Symbian. Supposed to allow the playing of the streaming windows format. Not sure if works or not.

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