Some Dems Do Not Understand Their Leaders Support Of DL’s For Illegals

I expect Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer to call some private meetings smack downs with a few of their peeps shortly

Democratic House members can’t understand why their party’s national leaders are embracing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, and say their constituents see it as a “de facto amnesty.”

Rep. Nancy Boyda, Kansas Democrat, said the stance taken by her party’s presidential candidates is very unpopular in her district.

“What I tell people back home is, ‘It is not my day to watch them,’ ” said Mrs. Boyda, adding that her reputation as a political maverick and staunch opponent of illegal entry distinguishes her from the folly at the top of the ticket.

“It is ultimately about the rule of law,” she said. “We don’t give driver’s licenses to people who are here illegally. We do something about the fact that they are here illegally.”

Rep. Artur Davis, Alabama Democrat, said voters in his state “get that a driver’s license is a form of legal status” because it can be used to board a plane, enter most government buildings and conduct most financial transactions.

Yet the party leaders continue to push this issue. Many of their presidential candidates are for it. And the primary reason is they think that pandering to the illegals will lead to more Democrat voters, which is more important to them then upholding the law and the sovereignty of the United States.

But, it is not just the political leaders who back illegal immigrants, it is the liberal MSM, such as the Washington Post

The frenzy over illegal immigration is such these days that any measure hinting of being a benefit to those here illegally — even if the public good outweighs a modest gain for the immigrant — is likely to be shot down.

Sorry, but the common good is for them to not be given American Rights and privileges, and to get the hell out. We should not be making their lives easier. Of course, the San Francisco Chronicle disagrees. Too bad for the hard left that most of the legal American population thinks otherwise.

It’s nice to see that some of the students at SUNY-New Paltz understand the issue, and are not happy with NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Kathleen Parker at The Chicago Tribune nails what the issue with illegals is: stop incenting them to come here illegally. She also tries to buck up Hils, but, we will ignore that, OK?

The Kansas City Star reprints a portion of Chicago Sun Times article, telling us what great people illegals are, so what is the problem?

Illegal immigrants get blamed for everything: rape, murder, robbery, you name it.

They are actually quite law-abiding, as much as the rest of us, a Sun-Times report reveals.

They account for about 3 percent of the state’s population and an equal percentage of inmates in Cook County jails. Less than 4 percent of adults in Illinois prisons have been identified as illegal immigrants.

Correct me if I am wrong, but, wouldn’t it be better if those percentages were zero, or at least almost zero? If you consider that there are around 300 million Americans, and, using the figure of 12 million illegals, then the figure of around 4% is correct. Does anyone at the Sun Times own a cal-cu-la-tor?

Some in the illegal immigrant retinue say “well, why is an illegal raping, robbing, or killing Americans worse then when Americans do it? It is still the same crime.” Well, let me see: because the illegals should not be here in the first place, they are filling our jails, and while many of them are good people-there is no denying that-many are members of violent gangs. Many are drug dealers. Many are already felons from other countries. Many are Islamic terrorists or at least linked to them. It is bad enough having to explain to a family why Mom or Dad was murdered: it is worse when it could have been stopped simply by doing our damnedest to keep them out.

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3 Responses to “Some Dems Do Not Understand Their Leaders Support Of DL’s For Illegals”

  1. Stix Blog says:

    Dumb Laws of Illinois…

    I forgot where I got this from but take a look at some of the ridiculous laws that we have here in the Democratic Republic of Illinois. It is also Open TrackBack Weekend here at the Stix Blog City Laws…

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    …12 million illegal aliens my butt. Try anywhere from 15-22 million Blackbeard. Hint: Check the U.S. prison population inmate rosters! Duncan Hunter was a smash tonight on Glenn Beck and he said it all: 854 miles of double US border fencing was to be constructed by 30 May 08… and so far? Only 5.5 miles of double fencing in Yuma Arizona and 17 miles of single fencing…. In a post 9-11 world? And with $850 MILLION appropriated bucks in the account of Homeland Security.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Mark Twain said the French are governed by prostitutes – the Hillarys and Pelosis and Boxers and Feinsteins and CNN anchor types…and Katie Couric too.

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