Prozac Diaries: B. Hussein Obama Loves Those Crazy Iranians

The politics of appeasement. This would make Chamberlain proud

Senator Barack Obama says he would “engage in aggressive personal diplomacy” with Iran if elected president and would offer economic inducements and a possible promise not to seek “regime change” if Iran stopped meddling in Iraq and cooperated on terrorism and nuclear issues.

I wonder if he will offer them ice cream with cherries, too? The stick has been thrown in the chipper, and the carrot has been turned into whipped cream.

In an hourlong interview on Wednesday, Mr. Obama made clear that forging a new relationship with Iran would be a major element of a broad effort to stabilize Iraq as he executed a speedy timetable for the withdrawal of American combat troops.

I do not think Iran needs help with that relationship, nor would they listen to an appeaser as he runs the retreat and defeat option play.

Mr. Obama said that Iran had been “acting irresponsibly” by supporting Shiite militant groups in Iraq. He also emphasized that Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program and its support for “terrorist activities” were serious concerns.

God forbid he say that the Iranian extremists have been wounding and killing our troops, rather then “acting irresponsibly.”

But he asserted that Iran’s support for militant groups in Iraq reflected its anxiety over the Bush administration’s policies in the region, including talk of a possible American military strike on Iranian nuclear installations.

There you have it: Iran’s 27 years of agressive behavior is the fault of Bush 43. Welcome to Liberal World.

Making clear that he planned to talk to Iran without preconditions, Mr. Obama emphasized further that “changes in behavior” by Iran could possibly be rewarded with membership in the World Trade Organization, other economic benefits and security guarantees.

Interesting whipped cream. Can anyone remind me what exports of value, other then Islamic extremists, Iran actually has? OK, they have oil. Isn’t the Left against Big Oil? After that, it is mostly some food stuffs and small construction products, like cement.


B. Hussein Obama gets 4 out of 5 Prozacs for appeasement, BDS, and general liberal values.

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4 Responses to “Prozac Diaries: B. Hussein Obama Loves Those Crazy Iranians”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Osama the Islamist is possibly more stupid than Dimmy Carter. I didn’t think even the democrats could ever find anyone to fit that bill.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    John Ryan Poll: Who has bigger ears?
    A. Osama / Barack Hussein Obama
    B. Dumbo
    C. Iraniac Mahmoud Madinthehead Ahmadinejad
    D. African Elephants in Nairobi, Kenya

  3. I wonder if the Dems are going to make a habit of running really bad nominees?

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