Lance Troops Making Streets Safer For Iraqi Children

I have to wonder why I didn't catch this article in the NY Times or the Washington Post

KHAN DARI, Iraq, March 29, 2007  — Making the streets safer for Iraqi civilians in their area of operations has been one of the main goals for troopers from the 2nd "Lancer" Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment.

After three improvised explosive devices (IEDs) detonated, including one that injured two children near a school here March 25, soldiers were out gathering information March 26 to help catch those responsible and to continue building relationships with the people living in the village. The children who are in good condition were sent to a local area hospital where they are recuperating from their injuries. No one was hurt in the other two incidents.

"After seeing what happened to those kids, we know if we can continue getting information from anyone who can help us clean out insurgents here and find weapons caches, we're making this a safer place down the line for the local nationals," said Staff Sgt. William Stone, a squad leader from Company E, 2nd Battalion., 5th Calvary Regiment. "All the people here say the same things, they want our help, they want safety and they want the insurgents to go away."

Every so often, they would find homes where there were children and give them crayons and jump ropes.

On their first stop, an Iraqi family eagerly greeted the U.S. troops, offering them tea, a sign that shows the difference between how the people in the villages feel about the insurgents compared with their feelings for U.S. troops, according to Miles City, Mont. native Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Pluhar, a platoon sergeant for Company E, 2nd Battalion., 5th Calvary Regiment

"To hurt children just goes to show that the bad guys don't care about the people living here," Pluhar said. "Apparently the insurgents don't have families or feelings like normal people, they're simply ruthless thugs."

Nor do the Democrats and Liberals around the world, who want to abandon the Iraqi children.

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  1. Mullah Cimoc says:

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    ameriki need take back nation from israeli spy in white house and pentagon. him need set up secret resistance operation for resist when israeli control all amerriki begin the killing of disobedient slaves. then war hero find out who the tough guy.

  2. Do you think you could at least spell America correctly? Thanks.

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