Bush Does Standup

And succeeds quite well!

Video: Bush Does Standup Comedy

Also available at Youtube.

Hot Air has more, with Bryan and Michelle having been there.

Outside the Beltway has the story, and Karl Rove getting his groove on.

The usual suspects do the usual things. Sigh.

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7 Responses to “Bush Does Standup”

  1. Beth says:

    Thanks for getting the video, Teach! :mrgreen:

  2. Beth says:

    BTW, the Soapbox video is crapped out.

  3. Yeah, it does that now and then. MSN can’t seem to keep up with the bandwith at times, now that folks are using it a lot more.

    And, you’re welcome. I about died watching it last night 🙂

  4. […] Bush rocked the house (see the video) and MC Rove…well, what can you say? […]

  5. Beth says:

    Nice anti-spam words, BTW. 😉 heehee

  6. Gracias. That plugin works really well with rotating words, to go with Akismet and Bad Behavior. One spam comment through in about 6 months.

  7. […] they continue to show their weakness. Bush doesn't have to worry about it. He is a "temporary guest worker" in the White House. And this kind of, well, crap will not endear them to the voters, who may […]

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