Monthly Archives: February 2007

Today’s Obligatory Global Warming Post

And, it's not about Al Gore winning an Oscar BALTIMORE – A winter storm that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of Midwest homes and businesses moved into the East on Monday with a dicey mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain that slowed travelers and tied up airlines once again. Highway crews scrambled […]

How’s That Culture Of Corruption Coming, Nance?

It's not going well? The hell you say. Not like you had issues with ABSCAM Murtha and Dollar Bill Jefferson already WASHINGTON — Lawmakers have continued to take trips paid for by outside groups since the House voted last month to restrict who can pay for such travel. House travel records show that 19 members since […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: Props Where Props Due

And a good morning to all! How about a beer? [gv data=”ospn26PiQsM”][/gv] You know, politics is fun and all, slapping liberals (metaphorically speaking), going wild, but, I try and pride myself on some intellectual honesty. Back during the 2004 elections, I even threw some kudo's to John Kerry for his environmental stances. And, I have […]

It’s All About The Dogs

Hey, pootch, chill on the barking CLIFTON, N.J. – The city of Clifton is not going to the dogs. At least not if the City Council has anything to do about it. Later this month, the council is expected to introduce an ordinance setting a limit on how long dogs can bark. Noisy canines will […]

Global Warming Hysterics Bad For Your Mental Well Being

No, really. Seriously Al Gore bad for your mental health? Think about it. The message of environmental destruction being delivered by Gore – and a host of others in recent months – is proving too much to handle for some who feel helpless controlling the forces of nature. Tears. Sleepless nights. Rage. They're all part […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  Grrrrrrr! I suppose it is a happy Sunday, but, so far, it has been nothing but annoyances. First, Dreamhost was down, finally came back up around 9:45am Eastern. Next, something is going wrong, possibly with the theme switcher. When active, I get this message that the “current theme is broken, so resorting to Default.” […]

A Reminder

Quite frankly, I am getting tired, again, of what some wacko’s are saying about 9/11, how we need to move on, how we need to let it go, and make the world like us again. Complaining about what the Freedom Tower will look like. Screw them. It wasn’t about buildings. It was about people. Americans. […]

Today’s Iraq News

It starts out with the al-AP telling us we are stoopid for understimating and not thinking about how many civilians have died during Operation Iraqi Freedom. A subtle way to remind us that we as Americans are jerks, occupiers, terrible people, and should pull out right now. Don't worry about the possible full blown civil […]

Obama Goes Defeatist

The Nutroots and George Soros must be so proud AUSTIN, Texas – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama ridiculed Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday for saying Britain's decision to pull troops from Iraq is a good sign that fits with the strategy for stabilizing the country. Obama, speaking at a massive outdoor rally in Austin, […]

Democrats Seek To Surrender Their War Vote

I believe it was Joe Biden (Defeatocrat-De) who said that there was going to be amendment after amendment, bill after bill, regarding Iraq. Well, the Defeatocrats have already tried a few, now they are going to try another Senate Democratic leaders intend to unveil a plan next week to repeal the 2002 resolution authorizing the […]

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