Daily Archives: February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents Day

New Radiation Sign: Yeah, That’s The Ticket

This is what we give the United Nations billions of dollars every year for.

Train Bombed In India-Pakistan

Terrorism at work (from MSNBC) Two homemade bombs exploded on a train headed for Pakistan, setting off a fire that swept through two cars and killed at least 66 people. A government minister said the violence was aimed at undermining the peace process between India and Pakistan. Authorities said two suitcases packed with unexploded crude […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: W Trots Out Healthcare

And a good Monday to all. How 'bout a beer. Video suggested by the always wonderful Stacy! [gv data=”gfPz6XPZ6a0″][/gv] Hairy naked butts in the office. Yikers! Anyhow, at the moment (well, since Saturday), I am wondering if President Bush has done what the nutroots keeps implying, hell, saying, he has done, gone back to the […]

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