Daily Archives: February 7, 2007

French Court Considers Muzzie Cartoons, Free Speech

You remember when the Mohammed cartoons came out, and we saw what bastions of civility, peace, and free speech the Muzzies are. Well, check this out Paris, France (CNSNews.com) – A year after an Islamic furor over the publication of cartoons satirizing Mohammed, a two-day trial that opened in Paris Wednesday is a key test […]

Today’s Global Warming Insanity

Let's start with Internet Al MADRID , SPAIN (CNN) — Former Vice President Al Gore said in an interview on Tuesday the Bush administration is now paying scientists to dispute global warming since the administration can no longer argue against it. During an interview with CNN affiliate Cuatro in Madrid, Gore said, "they've lost the […]

Iraqi Police Kick It Up A Notch. Bamm!

There may be some issues with getting the Iraqi military and police forces trained, but, couldn't tell from this story (from Defend America) Members of the Albu Obaid Iraqi Police station discovered one of the largest weapons cache in the last year while conducting dismounted patrols in eastern Ramadi, Feb. 3. The cache consisted of […]

WTW: Jailed Border Guard Beaten

Well, it is Wednesday, but it is not happy. And George Bush could have stopped this (from a Grassfire.net news release) Chesapeake, VA — Former Border Agent Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos was brutally attacked by as many as five inmates on Saturday evening (2/3) following the airing of an America’s Most Wanted segment featuring both Ramos […]

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