Daily Archives: February 10, 2007

Hufftard Thread Of The Day

Nothing like painting all religion bad: Israeli police stormed the grounds of Islam's third-holiest shrine Friday, firing stun grenades and tear gas to disperse thousands of Muslim worshippers who hurled stones, bottles and trash in an eruption of outrage over Israeli renovation nearby. The clash at the end of noon prayers came after days of […]

Midday American Hottie

I suppose that the Edwards blogmistresses (sounds kinky, eh?) might take offense and say I am am a sexist Southern male with weird patriotic leanings, just taking advantage of a beautiful woman in American colors simply for a quick titillation and some traffic. Insert F words at will

British Schools Go Climate Change

Let's see what the Global Warming As Caused By Man toady's are up to (I usually call them disciples, but, that seems like a nice word, not to be used for crazy people) London (CNSNews.com) – Students at state-funded schools in Britain will learn about global warming, the government announced this week — and former […]

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