Daily Archives: February 28, 2007

Yeti and Pingu’s, Oh My

Gotta tell you, I am hooked on the Yeti/Pingu games, particlularly the golf one. Click the photo to visit the site, which is work friendly. Well, provided your boss doesn't catch ya!

Right To Die Versus Execution

Hmmm, what a choice: liberals support the right to die and are against execution, typically being the majority, if not all, of execution protesters RALEIGH, N.C. —A debate over how the state carries out executions has stopped the capital punishment process, but one death row inmate says he wants to be executed as scheduled next […]

Pardon The Border Agents: Prosecutor Under Fire

From CNS News Critics of the federal prosecutor who brought the case against two U.S. Border Patrol agents for shooting a Mexican suspected drug smuggler are accusing him of hypocrisy. They point to his involvement in an earlier anti-narcotics operation in which a paid informer allegedly committed murder but was allowed to continue his undercover […]

Carl Levin Steps Back From Surrender Monkey Central

I was rather flabbergasted after reading this story over at Red State Get ready for Carl Levin to get shot by Cindy Sheehan or some other angry lefty. I'm not sure what happened to him, but he's making sense right now. On Sunday's Meet The (De)Press(ed), he finally admitted that Al-Qaeda is in Iraq and […]

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