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A CIA Outing In Barbecue Land

Did you know that Smithfield, North Carolina is renowned for its barbecue? No the verb, but the noun. Well, stopping by Michelle Malkin's spot, it found out it was now renouned for something else, which led to Patterico's Pontifications, who highlights an LA Times article, highlighted by the Opinion Journal. With me so far? The […]

U.S. Soldiers Proud of Their Iraqi Trainees

I coulda sworn I would find this story at CNN, MSNBC, or cBS. Heck, I thought even Keith "I need viewers" Olbermann would talk about it and Nancy Pelosi would have a press release (too much? Over the top?) KIRKUK, Iraq, Feb. 22, 2007 — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. James Lee looked like a proud […]

Pardon The Border Agents: Video

I haven't mentioned the plight of the border agents in a few days or so, and there are two video's out from Grassfire.org. This is the sixty second spot. [gv data=”hc8oCOvjyxk”][/gv] You can also watch the 30 second spot. Hopefully, President Bush will watch them, and take notice, and finally do something about this issue. […]

Global Warming: Save The Polar Bears (?)

Those polar bears are in massive danger, right? (CNSNews.com) – Polar bears have become an "icon" of the global warming movement, but the fate of the creatures and the role played by climate change remains the subject of dispute among scientists. But Willie Soon, a climate scientist based in Massachusetts, is among those raising questions […]

Thirsday Linkfest: Pelosi Gives The Bird To Turkey

I guess she is ignoring former rented Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's quote "We need to be smarter about how we wage a war on terror. We need to deny them the recruits. We need to deny them the safe havens. We need to rebuild our alliances. " (Washington Times) Not content with undermining the […]

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