Right To Die Versus Execution

Hmmm, what a choice: liberals support the right to die and are against execution, typically being the majority, if not all, of execution protesters

RALEIGH, N.C. —A debate over how the state carries out executions has stopped the capital punishment process, but one death row inmate says he wants to be executed as scheduled next month for killing his wife.

Allen Holman, 47, is scheduled to be executed March 9. He has fired his lawyers and dropped his appeals, but the state may not be able to carry out the execution.

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4 Responses to “Right To Die Versus Execution”

  1. […] Rationality, sincerity, even honesty, is not common amongst the “Limbot’s” whom compose a large portion of the conservative commentary available within the blogosphere, further proven today as I perused one such “ditto-head,” the “Pirates Cove”: Right to Die Versus Execution: […]

  2. Great Piece, at least insofar as your post has provided me with a venue to mock you in a piece of my own.

  3. Glad I could help ya out 🙂

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Death Star II to W.T. Phone Home –
    Let me try to get this ‘right’…
    Demlibloonies are pro-abortion, (pro +47 million aborted babies since 1973), pro-choice and pro-starving to death Terri Ann Schiavo. These same Demlibloonies are pro-saving the life of Kentucky Derby race horse champion Barbaro when it should have been euthanized months ago (real animal lovers really don’t like their pets to suffer in pain),pro-radical Islam…and AND against capital punishment? And they’re also pro-environment with such bumper stickers placed on their 30-gallon SUV’s?
    OK W.T. – I think I …get it!

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