WTW: Jailed Border Guard Beaten

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Well, it is Wednesday, but it is not happy. And George Bush could have stopped this (from a Grassfire.net news release)

Chesapeake, VA — Former Border Agent Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos was brutally attacked by as many as five inmates on Saturday evening (2/3) following the airing of an America’s Most Wanted segment featuring both Ramos and Compean.

According to family members, the attack began around 10 pm, after Ramos fell asleep. “Nacho was assaulted Saturday night by about five illegal immigrants who were yelling at him in Spanish, Maten a la migra–which means kill the Border Patrol Agent.” He has multiple and severe injuries. They put him in isolation for now and he may not have received medical attention for up to 48 hours.

Another family member confirmed to Grassfire.org that his attackers beat him with repeated blows and kicks. Ramos suffered wounds to his back, shoulder, arms and head. Additionally, there is concern that Agent Ramos was not given medical treatment immediately after the incident and may not have received medical attention for up to 48 hours. An investigation is expected to be launched Tuesday. The story was originally posted on FireSociety.com

“Our government has betrayed these agents,” said Grassfire President Steve Elliott. “And now they have put these men in mortal danger. This is beyond outrage, and I am calling on grassroots Americans to express their outrage directly to the White House–demanding the President pardon agents Ramos and Compean before it’s too late!”

Grassfire.org, will be in Washington, D.C., tomorrow (2/7) to present more than 295,000 petitions demanding the pardon of Ramos and Compean of protest to key leaders in Congress.

All I have to say is, this could have been avoided had President Bush done the right thing and pardoned the two border guards. As if you didn't know, we have a massive problem with people coming across our borders illegally. Who in the hell is going to want the job of protecting the borders when this kind of thing can happen?

(CNS News)Even before the beating occurred, some lawmakers said they feared for the safety of the two men in prison.

"The president said he would give the situation with the border agents a sober look," Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) told Cybercast News Service Tuesday. "I hope he does so as quickly as possible. Their lives are in danger."

Bush said he would consider pardoning the two agents after he reviewed the case. However, there is growing impatience with some Republican House members that were openly critical of a president of their own party.

"I'm so upset with this White House, I don't know what to do," Jones said. "The president needs to move on this pardon, particularly since the assault on agent Ramos." 

If you want more discussion on this, head over to Hot Air. If you want to help, sign the petition, call the White House (Capitol Switchboard: 202/224-3121, White House: 202/456-1111) and your Congress Critter. Check Congress Merge for CC's. The code to have the petition button is: <a href="http://Grassfire.org/142/petition.asp?pid=12328683" target="_blank"> <img src="http://Grassfire.org/142/images/Add_Link_SM.gif" border=0></a>

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4 Responses to “WTW: Jailed Border Guard Beaten”

  1. ian trenier says:

    We must help protect all law enforcement in this fine Nation,check out what local city leaders did to nine cops in Ashland ky,just like the border agents.

  2. US Border Patrol agent beaten in prison, Sen. Tanc…

    Ignacio Ramos, one of the two Border Patrol agents wrongfully convicted of shooting a drug dealer, was recently beaten in prison by other convicts and initially did not get proper medical attention (via Pirates’ Cove). Sen. Tom Tancredo visited the o….

  3. ian meiser says:

    The police are a good thing. In ways. And the police are a bad thing. In ways. It is good to have them, but far, far too many of them take advantage of their power and abuse it. Whenever they do wrong they deserve what they get and sadly, in most cases do not get what they deserve.

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