Today’s Global Warming Insanity

Let's start with Internet Al

MADRID , SPAIN (CNN) — Former Vice President Al Gore said in an interview on Tuesday the Bush administration is now paying scientists to dispute global warming since the administration can no longer argue against it.

During an interview with CNN affiliate Cuatro in Madrid, Gore said, "they've lost the argument and they don't want to stop dumping all this pollution into the Earth's atmosphere. The only thing they have left is cash and now they're offering cash for so-called skeptics who will try to confuse people about what the science really say. But it's unethical because now the time has come when we have to act."

Yes, because we all know that those in the global warming as caused by Mankind community are just oh-so-willing to discuss this issue and deal with facts. I have entirely too many posts in the environment and global warming categories that highlight this to link to just one.

I wonder if Internet Al has any, you know, facts to back up his assertion?

In the face of evidence agreed upon by hundreds of climate scientists, George Taylor holds firm. He does not believe human activities are the main cause of global climate change.

Taylor also holds a unique title: State Climatologist.

Taylor has held the title of "state climatologist" since 1991 when the legislature created a state climate office at OSU The university created the job title, not the state.

So the governor wants to take that title from Taylor and make it a position that he would appoint.

In an exclusive interview with KGW-TV, Governor Ted Kulongoski confirmed he wants to take that title from Taylor. The governor said Taylor's contradictions interfere with the state's stated goals to reduce greenhouse gases, the accepted cause of global warming in the eyes of a vast majority of scientists.

This is how the GWACBM disciples debate: threatening to take a job away from someone emminently qualified to make judgements. I wonder what Governor Kulongoski's qualifications are?

David Legates is skeptical of global warming data.

A Delaware scientist's contrarian stand on global warming and climate change has earned him national attention in a series of critical reports — including some that lump his views in with industry-backed disinformation campaigns.

Ad hominum attacks. Typical. Rather then debating and refuting the data that is offered by someone like Professor of Climatology David Legates, it is smear tactics. Innuendo. I wonder if Al Gore is willing to debate in an adult manner? What it comes down to is someone is paying scientists to come out with pro global warming as caused by Man reports, right? Is their work biased? Or would that be insulting to their integrity?

California's attorney general last year asked a federal judge to force automakers to disclose their dealings with climate change skeptics, including Legates, in a dispute over greenhouse gas limits for new cars. General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers are defendants in that suit.

"The climate skeptics have played a major role in spreading disinformation about global warming," California Attorney General Bill Lockyer wrote.

Ah, the old "using the courts to infringe on private dealings" scam. I wonder if the Ca. AG could tell us what law was broken. Perhaps he could tell us what his facts are that back up his obvious opinion that Mankind is causing global warming.

In reality, I do not expect any of the GWACBM disciples to respond with facts, figures, and adult dialogue.

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  2. Check out an Article I wrote titled, “Global Warming Insanity.” The facts were checked by a climate scientist.

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