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It starts out with the al-AP telling us we are stoopid for understimating and not thinking about how many civilians have died during Operation Iraqi Freedom. A subtle way to remind us that we as Americans are jerks, occupiers, terrible people, and should pull out right now. Don't worry about the possible full blown civil war, with Iran, Syria, and other ME countries, as well as terrorists from around the world joining the party. I mean, just because millions were killed when the Democratic Congress forced a pullout from Vietnam is no reason to think that those peaceful Muslims would have the same issue, right?

Did you know that reports stated that upwards of half a million children were dying every year under sactions? Remember this?

Lesley Stahl: "We have heard that half a million children have died [as a result of sanctions against Iraq]. I mean, that is more children than died in Hiroshima…. Is the price worth it?"

Madeleine Albright: "…we think the price is worth it." – 60 Minutes, May 12, 1996

Not to mention all the people killed, maimed, tortured, and raped during Hussein's time.

The public doubts selling out Iraq. As opposed to the Democrats, who think the public has their back for surrender (second excerpt in that post), because of one midterm win.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, two stories that I am positive they will end up in the Big Media

VICTORY BASE COMPLEX — Eighteen Iraqi women have successfully graduated from the first Preparatory Iraqi Nursing Course at the Civil Military Operations Center located in the Victory Base Complex in Baghdad, Feb. 19.

“This is a happy day for me,” said Amel Hadi, a PINC graduate. “I always wanted to be able to help people and now I can.”

“This class is designed to teach basic medical skills, but also to empower the women,” said Air Force Capt. Samantha Elmore, a PINC director and native of Sacramento, Calif. “I hope this class will help them find a job and take care of their families.”

OMG, good news. How about that!

BAGHDAD — Lt. Col. Robert Colfer, an Army Reservist who teaches history to 9th, 10th and 11th graders at Marblehead High School, of Marblehead, Mass., encouraged his students to get involved in humanitarian aid for children in Iraq.

“Last spring I got in touch with some of my students after driving out in sector and seeing a lot of kids without shoes. I thought that a shoe drive would be a good thing,” said the native of Newbury, Mass. “I already knew a lot of kids who were interested in this type of thing. I contacted them and found some volunteer students who agreed to honcho a shoe-drive effort.”

At the start of the school year in August 2006, organizers of the drive had collected 200 pairs of shoes. By October the number was 450. A couple of months later, 2,200 pairs of shoes were ready to be shipped to Iraq for its shoeless citizens, Colfer said.

U.S. soldiers doing good things? But the media only tells us about rape, torture, abusing women and children in the dead of night, etc. Could they be *gasp* wrong?

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2 Responses to “Today’s Iraq News”

  1. Angel says:

    Ty for the link..and God bless our troops..the media is enough to make u sick on a daily basis…Happy Sunday to ya!.:)

  2. A REAL AMERICAN says:

    I love these stories, you wont read these in the times or anywhere else.
    The big media does not report good news, because good news is bad news for the liberals, this is sad, stay strong my brothers and sisters, keep the pride, stay true to your believes, and pray for OUR troops and VICTORY

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