Why Mommy and Daddy Are Global Warming Nuts

Remember back a couple years ago when the book "Why Mommy is a Democrat" came out? It was a good thing that Mommy didn't take the full Democrat position, otherwise the boys and girls woulldn't have been able to read it, as they would have been in a liberal medical center having their embryonic stem cells yanked from their cold, dead bodies for pointless research.

Well, now we have another silly little indoctrination book, "The Down To Earth Guide for Global Warming"

Move over, Chicken Little. A children's book planned for release in September is an attempt to "fill the minds of children with 'sky-is-falling' global warming hysteria," a Republican senator warns.

Scholastic, Inc. – one of the world's largest publishers of children's books, including the "Harry Potter" series – announced Monday that its Orchard Books imprint "has acquired world rights to 'The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming' by Laurie David and Cambria Gordon, scheduled for publication in September 2007."

Laurie David is the same person who assails SUV drivers to the point that the police have to be called, as they feel their lives are in danger. She then jumps in a private jet to cross the country, putting out more CO2 in a matter of hours then an SUV does driving 15K miles a year. And do not forget the large houses the Davids (she is married to Hollywood writer Larry David) own, which put tremendous amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere in order to run the air conditioning

Senator James Inhofe said he also found it interesting that Scholastic made the announcement regarding David's book just before the United Nations is set to release a major study on climate change.

"It appears that Laurie David is joining the United Nations in aiming its global warming propaganda at children," the senator said.

"Having failed for nearly three decades to convince the American people and their leaders to jump on the global warming alarmism bandwagon, David and the U.N. are trying to fill the minds of children with 'sky-is-falling' global warming hysteria," Inhofe said.

This is what liberals are best at. Indoctrination. How much would anyone like to bet that this book ends up in our public schools as part of the curriculum? They cannot have an honest, fact filled debate on their subjects religious tenents, nor are they civil and/or sensible. Remember what Lenin said? "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

On the other hand, maybe it would be better that children are working more towards saving the planet then beating the crap out of each other while wearing completely innapropriate clothing. Na. They will probably gang up on people who do not agree.

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5 Responses to “Why Mommy and Daddy Are Global Warming Nuts”

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  2. David M says:

    Trackbacked by The Thunder Run – Web Reconnaissance for 01/31/2007
    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

  3. scott says:

    I remember the book “why mommy is a democrat”.As a liberal I thought it was an ill conceived response to “mommy there’s a liberal under my bed” or whatever it was called.I certainly wasn’t alone(as a liberal)in that assessment.However I do find it somewhat amusing that people who probably listen to Rush Limbaugh everyday bemoan the idea of forced indoctrination…

  4. Ron S says:

    I find it disturbing that one would attempt to draw a parallel to anyone (usually adults) voluntarily listening to a radio broadcast vs. children being forced to study a biased conclusion on a subject still very much in debate at the highest levels of science.

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