Tancredo: Ban Racial Based Caucuses

Taking a position guaranteed to make liberals wonkerdoodle, presidential candidate Tom Tancredo has stated that congressional caucuses based on race should be banned

Rep. Tom Tancredo called today for abolishment of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Black Caucus and Asian Pacific American Caucus, saying they equal racial segregation

"It is utterly hypocritical for Congress to extol the virtues of a color-blind society while officially sanctioning caucuses that are based solely on race – and restrict their membership based on race," Tancredo wrote in a letter to Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald, D-Calif., who oversees the caucuses.

Now, all those Caucuses are based on race, and exclusionary. If you are white, you cannot join the Black Caucus. If you are Hispanic, you cannot join the Asian Caucus. Now, remember, these are composed primarily of Democrats, who constantly use the Racist! and Bigot! arguments, primarily when they are losing a discussion or asked for pesky things like facts.

Now, if people want to segregate themselves, hey, it's a free country. But the same people cannot sit back and say to others "you are bad for segregating your group." Can you imagine the uproar if there was a White Congressional Caucus? And that is exactly what the segragated Congressional Caucuses do. Complain about racism. Perhaps they should look up hypocrite in the dictionary. And, perhaps they, as the elected representatives, should try and set a positive example.

But, you had to know that someone calling for the end of segragationalist policies would be label, yup!, a racist and bigot

  • Perhaps Tancredo should form a bigot caucus. They can have a bar-b-q and burn a cross or two.
  • Tancredo is headed for the slagheap of American politics. A hateful, xenophobic asshole of the worst kind. (someone has been playing too many scifi video games)
  • Tancredo could be a founder of the new (not actually formed)…Congressional Klansman Caucus. (isn't the KKK FOR segregation?)
  • Tancredo is the same breed of MORAN…….who labels Black fraternities and beauty pageants racist. It probably never ocurred to him that the needs of minorities are different than those of the majority, and therefore merit representation in a congressional caucus. But more than that, I think there's some serious minority envy going on there–he's lashing out at them because he secretly loathes his own boring Wasp-ishness. It's pathetic. (whew! Interesting logic. Saying a group has different needs kinda makes them seem not as good as the majority, eh? Yet Tancredo envys them. Only in Liberal World)
  • Has to do with his teeny tiny dick. Some days I just have no class. (Some days? And a typical ad hominem attack)
  • Let's make sure he doesn't get elected president then. No way do I want an ignorant racist asshole fundie like Tancredo as president. (racist for calling for an end to racist Congressional policies. Can't make this stuff up! You know what a fundie is to a DUer? Someone who believes in God.)
  • It's the Black Caucus. He's not black. Why not trust them to know what they're doing?  Do you feel it's right for you to disrespect them? Leave their choices to them. If they see a reason which is so compelling it moves them to override their own standards, that should be THEIR choice, shouldn't it? (Let them be segrationalist. It's OK. Insert snicker here)
  • Actually, he really wanted to take away their right to vote entirely. (now we get the out right seething lie.)
  • From the beginning it looked like GOP Propaganda at full speed trying to make democrats look like "racists". Remember the Obama and the Madrassas linked to Hillary campaign? Did you noticed that this was all on the same week?? (so, would you approve of the Congressional White Caucus? Or the Christian one? Somehow, I doubt that would be OK to Liberals)

I am calling them bigots and racists if they do not allow me to form the White, Southern, Christian, Surfer, Pirate, Male Caucus and lobby Congress 😉

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