Death Penalty Is Too “Painful”

Only in Liberal World is there more concern for the criminal then the victim (from WRAL)

Attorneys for an inmate scheduled to be put to death Friday at Central Prison are asking the courts to block the execution on the ground that the state cannot assure he will die without pain.

Marcus Robinson, 33, is to be executed for the 1991 murder of a Fayetteville teenager, Theresa Ann West. James Edward Thomas is scheduled to be executed Feb. 2, and James Adoph Campbell is scheduled for Feb. 9.

First, it should be pointed out that Robinson killed Erik Tornblom, not Theresa Ann West. James Thomas killed Theresa, after sexually assaulting her first.

Unless I am reading the story wrong, the three men are murderers. They were found guilty in a court of law by a group of their peers, as laid out in the Constitution, all that stuff about being deprived of life, liberty, etc, for a capital crime, to wit, robbery and cold blooded murder with a shotgun to the face. A quick search for the actual details finds Google and Yahoo spammed up with all sorts of leftists making excuses for murder.

To be honest, I could care less if he suffered a little pain. He is, to repeat, a murderer. How about all the pain and suffering that the families suffered? How about Theresa being sexually assaulted prior to being killed? Did she suffer? Did Erik suffer? How about Katherine Price, who Campbell kidnapped and raped prior to killing her?

Those same searches mentioned a wee bit earlier showed liberals making all sorts of excuses for the killers conduct. It was the same old litany: they were beaten as kids, they suffered, they have mental issues, etc. Well, you know what? One must have mental issues to kill another human being (which would explain the liberals perpensity for abortion on demand as their top drawer issue.) My sympathy is reserved for the victims, as well as their families and friends, who will never again spend a day with them.

Meanwhile, it gets better

A Wake County judge on Thursday halted two executions planned for the next week until state officials can devise a plan to carry out the death penalty without physicians.

Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens issued an injunction after Gov. Mike Easley and the Council of State couldn't meet a 10 a.m. deadline he set Wednesday to unveil a new protocol for handling executions that didn't include physicians.

Attorneys for Marcus Robinson and James Edward Thomas asked Stephens to block the executions on the grounds that the state can't assure they would die without pain.


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5 Responses to “Death Penalty Is Too “Painful””

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh please. That’s the problem with some wackos here in the use, they care more for the killers/terrorists/sand flea/whatever than they do for the victims.

    We went through something similar in Tennessee not long ago. Folks complaining that the meds included in the lethal injection ’cause discomfort’ to the convicted murders. So what! Like you, I look at the pain and damage the criminal did. He is being PUNISHED, for goodness sake. Do they not understand the definition?

    Makes me sick.

  2. Debbie says:

    Oops, that was supposed to be ‘wackos here in the U.S.’

    p.s. On the lethal injections, the medications were changed. But the point is so what if it caused pain, it only lasts for a few seconds. Then the murdering criminal goes straight to a nice, hot place. hehehehe I bet it’s not ‘comfortable’ there.

  3. Right Truth says:

    123Beta and weird food…

    Butch at 123Beta is having a blogiversary. Go over and help him celebrate. Today he is talking about weird food combinations. It made me start thinking about dill pickle spears wrapped in Kraft cheese slices and sliced pepperoni for breakfast…

  4. No, they do not understand the distinction, or, perhaps I should say, do not want to understand the distinction. Those on the left care more for the criminal then the victim. And punishment, as you wrote, should hurt. It is what deters crime, if they know they will have to face the piper. Kids think twice about doing something verbotten if they will get a spanking.

  5. Maggie says:

    I forget if it was Human Rights Watch or some “arm” of the UN, but the comment was made that just having to “sit” on death row, knowing you might die but not when, was cruel and unusual punishment.

    They want “death row” abolished.

    Hey, folks, got news for you….someday we are all going to die …and we DON’T KNOW WHEN!

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