SOTU 2007

I'd like to say I have sintillating reparte' on Bush's 2007 State of The Union speech, but, quite frankly, it is the NHL All Star break, and I was watching the Young Guns game and the Skills contest. My Bad! Told ya I was a major hockey fan, eh.

If you want a break down of the speech, check out Captain Ed, who also links to many others who live blogged the speech.

Jim Webb is coming on with his rebutal. I'm not really going to pay attention, as it is certainly gloom and doom, raise taxes, cut and run. Someone tell me if I am wrong. It is almost time for Futurama.

However, Webb just trotted out the old liberal mantra of wealth redistribution, ie, socialism, ie, taking from those who work hard and succeed and giving it to lazy good for nothings who sit and watch Oprah and Jerry all day.

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