Shutting Down Speech on Global Warming

And a good Tuesday morning to all. Well, it would be good if one who believes there should be open, free, factual debate about Global Warming as Caused By Man wasn't told to shut the hell up

( – Climate change skeptics – and journalists who report on them – have become the target of a campaign aimed at stifling legitimate debate at a time when Congress is planning an aggressive new environmental push.

This is the assessment of environmental scientists and free market advocates who see a concerted effort to silence and de-fund think tanks that publish material challenging "prevailing global warming orthodoxy."

Leftist activists masquerading as scientists are promoting false notions of "consensus" in an effort to back calls for mandatory caps on CO2 and other "greenhouse gas" emissions, they argue.

Bonner Cohen, author of "The Green Wave: Environmentalism and Its Consequences" said in an interview with Cybercast News Service that the censorship campaign hinges on two key components – a call for congressional oversight leading effectively to "show trials" aimed at discrediting global warming skeptics and an assault on press freedom.

At issue is a report issued by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) earlier this month accusing ExxonMobil-funded "contrarian scientists" and "ideological advocacy groups" of a "disinformation campaign" aimed at deceiving and "confusing" the public about the connection between human activity and climate change.

I would highly suggest reading the article in full. A small exerpt just doesn't do it full justice, as it highlights how not ever scientist is in on the "consensus" that global warming is caused primarily, if not fully, by Mankind.

If you speak to and read the books and papers by scientists, you know, real ones, who do actual research which is peer reviewed, rather then hysterical computer modeling and inferences, you find that they quite often believe that yes, global warming is, in fact, happening, but the major cause is the natural world, not Mankind.

He (Jeff Kueter, president of the George C. Marshall Institute)was particularly troubled by a recommendation in the UCS report for "congressional oversight" of the alleged "disinformation campaign."

"It smacks to me of McCarthyism and big-brotherism and is completely antithetical to the scientific process and the American political philosophy of free speech," Kueter said.

Global Warming as Caused By Mankind has become a leftist mantra, some might say even part of their approved religious tenents, like the "right" to stick a fork in an unborn babies head and sentence brutal child rapists to 6 months in prison. And let's not forget the "Right" to claim that ones Free Speech has been infringed by the Bush Admin, sans, evidence and specific incidents, then turn around and attempt to silence critic of GWACBM.

If they were serious about Global Warming, and truly wanted to find the truth, rather then use the subject for fund raising and political stature, they would actually review and understand all the research. Of course, that will not happen, because the environmental movement is led by people who are not scientists, and it is big business. GWACBM is the latest in a series of hysterical pronouncements designed to make sure that the leftist think tanks are funded.

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3 Responses to “Shutting Down Speech on Global Warming”

  1. Maggie says:

    Don’t forget to include on that list those with the agenda of taking the US down a few pegs on the economic ladder. Kyoto would have crippled our economy … but have you noticed that besides the EU, not even Japan has met promised goals!

  2. Actually, most EU countries are not going to be even close to meeting their commitments. How sad is it that all those countries who seethe over the USA not joining Kyoto won’t meet the requirements?

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