Murtha and Dems Attempt To Cut Off “Surge” Funding

Don't say that they do not support the troops and do not want to win in Iraq, though (from the Washington Times)

Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, yesterday announced plans to introduce legislation that would cut off funding for President Bush's proposed surge of American troops into Baghdad. 

"I think our hearings will show that even Republicans will vote with us when the bill finally comes up," Mr. Murtha, chairman of the Appropriations defense subcommittee, said during an appearance on ABC's "This Week."

Mr. Murtha said that he doesn't think Democrats can stop Mr. Bush from instituting the first wave of a troop surge, but that his panel will be able to pass legislation to stop further waves within a month. "I don't know how many troops they can get in the field before we get our bill up and passed in the Congress," he said.

Got that? They get over there, then find out that the money for them is cut off. But, the Dems want to win, right?

Tony Snow said in a press conference last week that the administration has all the money it needs for the "surge." How does Murtha reply to that?

But Mr. Murtha told ABC, "We're going to have extensive hearings, and we're going to look at exactly how much money he has." 

"And we're going to try to change the direction of this war," he said.

There are two directions: trying to win, and trying to lose. President Bush is trying to win. Sure, mistakes have been made. That is easy to say in hindsight. Where to we go from here? There is a spoken, and unspoken, measure from Democrats to run away.

Over at National Review, Jonah Goldberg writes

With Wednesday night’s speech, President Bush made it clear that he will settle for nothing less than winning. He may be deluding himself, but he at least has done the nation the courtesy of stating his position, despite an antagonistic political establishment and a hostile public. What’s maddening is that the Democratic leadership cannot, or will not, clearly tell the American people whether they are the party of “end it” or “win it.”

Bush came up with the “surge” plan. Will it work? Nobody knows. But the one thing the American people know about George W. Bush is that he wants to win the war. What the Democrats believe is anybody’s guess.

Hate to disagree with Mr. Goldberg, but the actions of Democrats speak louder then words. The Moonbat base has stated exactly what they want: retreat. The elected critters and their talkers may beat around the bush when engaged on this issue, but, we know what they want.

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One Response to “Murtha and Dems Attempt To Cut Off “Surge” Funding”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Saddam is dead. Who is Murtha working for now? Got to be another terrorists with money, could it be Osama? It da** sure isn’t the United States. He’s turned traitor and went all the way. Something stinks in Murthaville. Is it tuna?

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