Hufftards Have Issues With Decapitation Of Saddam’s Half Brother

I'm sure everyone know about this by now (from CNN)

Iraq hanged two of Saddam Hussein's aides early Monday, and one of the men was decapitated in the process.

The official video of the hangings showed Hussein's half-brother lying headless below the gallows, his severed head several yards away, The Associated Press reported.

Iraqi authorities, eager to prove that the decapitation of Barzan Hassan was an accident, showed the video to a group of journalists, according to a government official.

Hassan, the former chief of Hussein's secret police, and Awad Bandar, the chief judge under the former regime, were hanged side by side about 3 a.m. Monday (7 p.m. Sunday ET), said Basam Ridha, the spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's office.

Awful, eh? I bet that all the people that Hassan and Bandar had killed would disagree.

The Hufftards think it is awful, though, and go about their normal moonbattery

  • It's no mystery why Chimpy and his henchmen back Maliki, he's a kindred spirit: another a colossally incompetent fool who is a divider not a uniter.
  • How horrible! Nothing these men did was reason for them to die like this. My heart goes out to them and their families. (I'll come back to this)
  • (In Chimpy language) It's good to see Democracy and freedon take hold there!
  • I can't stop crying over this.

That thread is rather new. How 'bout another?

  • I couldn't have said it better . . . even if I tried. Yes, amerika a very so ugly land, thank George.
  • America has created an enormous amount of hatred for the country I am beginning to believe another country will terrorize us with a bomb instead of whoever did 9/11. We wouldn't know because no one has seen the evidence. Ohhhhh, I forgot, the decider has seen it. (It's all our fault, of course)
  • We sure know how to treat our former Allies. I think that instead of firing my employees I'll begin hanging them. That should boost productivity! See you in Church!
  • One thing you can say for this new "free, democratic" government in Iraq, they've got the same instinct for state sponsored killing that President Bush demonstrated as governor of Texas. Now, if they could even get a police force together and build a few bridges, get the lights on, etc., but first things first, I guess.
  • About the severed head: must be razors in the (unnecessarily) thick noose used–remember the claims that Saddam's throat had been cut, after his hanging?

    All these shocking, gut-wrenching deptictions of death are no more than the clean, intellectual (nonsensical slang-like, ever changing "justifications"), distanced, machinactions from our President, of MURDERING, by lying to take our boys and girls to their deaths, fighting in a foreign land, racking up hundreds of thousands of deaths. None of these innocents is less dead than Saddam, his half brother, the former official, or any of the beheaded.

  • I have a dream that someday Mr. Bush, Mr. Chenney, and Mr. Rumsfeld will hang at the end of a rope until dead-after getting do process of course. (but would have major issues if it was a terrorist with panties on their head.)

Shame that I do not have access to the DU at the moment. I bet there are more hissy fits. Of course, none of them had any problem when Nick Berg had his head sawed off. But, hey, he was an American imperialist over there just to make money, at least in Liberal World.

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