Thanksgiving Pinup


Happy Thanksgiving to all! Pinup doubleshot.

This will also serve as a linkfest post, if there are any folks out there who are waiting around to go somewhere later.

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10 Responses to “Thanksgiving Pinup”

  1. Not-So-Smooth Criminals…

    When the East Coast gangsta rap anthem “Criminal Minded”, was released in 1987 it became an immediate classic. At the time I recall wondering whether fans of the record were aware that the title contained a grammatical error and if they didn’t, whe…

  2. David Nick says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Day WT! We hope that yours is a great one!


  3. Thank you, Nick. Hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  5. beth says:

    It’s unreal how you find pin-ups for EVERY occasion! lol

    Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite pirate 🙂

  6. Happy Thanksgiving…

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who happens by here. It seemed appropriate to share some pictures I took on a visit to Boston a couple of years ago.
    Plymouth Rock

    Replica of the Mayflower

    Plymouth Rock

    Honoring the Pilgrims

    Honoring the Natives


  7. Right back at ya, Beth.

    Thanksgiving ones are tough, but, you should see the number of Halloween and Christmas ones I have available.

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  9. Thanksgiving Turkey Tragedy…

    It looks like we may have to settle for a Thanksgiving Chicken this year. Our Thanksgiving Turkey, Tom, Tragically went missing this morning….

  10. Starboard!!! says:

    Canada Toughens Bail for Gun Crimes…

    It is not too often I find myself praising any Canadian political, judicial or institutional decision. While I find Canada’s stand on gun restrictions appaling, today I find myself cheering Toronto for a good decision….

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