Tuesday Linkfest: Harsh Interrogations A-Comin’

Oooooooohhhhhhhh, this is designed to give liberals hissy fits

President Bush, keeping his election-year focus on national security, is to sign a bill into law on Tuesday that allows tough interrogation and prosecution of terrorism suspects.

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 sets standards for interrogating suspects, but through a complex set of rules that human rights groups say could allow harsh techniques bordering on torture, such as sleep deprivation and induced hypothermia.

With Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales looking on, Bush is to sign the bill which was negotiated in September after senior Republicans rebelled against the president's plan and forced concessions from him.

The new law means Bush can continue a secret CIA program for interrogating terrorism suspects whom he believes have vital information that could thwart a plot against America.

Sleep deprivation, scary stuff! Maybe one day the Surrender Monkeys will understand that terrorists and their supporters are not nice people, and won't give up intelligence by giving them fuzzy slippers and cognac in the drawing room. Maybe one day the SMs will understand that these peoples stated goals are to convert infidels or kill them. Maybe one day the SMs will get beyond their BDS and support the safety of America. Probably not, though.

The SMs have taken positions directly contradictory to President Bush due to BDS as well as their natural Surrender Monkey tendencies. They ask "what did we do wrong, and how can we change?" They think being nice to people who strap plastic explosive to themselves and their children can be reasoned with. So clueless.

Just look at what happened to terrorist lawyer and collaborater Lynn Stewart. 28 months, and the SMs celebrate this. "stepnw1f  What a Lady… a Modern Day Hero. We need more like her. Inspiring…" That is what the Surrender Monkeys think of traitors. 

The Bill also allows military trials with some of the evidence gained through harsh methods. Good. I suggest we build a prison in the way north wilds of Alaska to house these SOB's.

More: Bush has signed it, and the ACLU is having a hissy fit (what else is new) over the Bill:

As President Bush signed S. 3930, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law, the American Civil Liberties Union expressed outrage and called the new law one of the worst civil liberties measures ever enacted in American history.

To highlight concerns with the act, the ACLU took out a full page advertisement in today's Washington Post, calling itself "the most conservative organization in America."  Since its founding, the ACLU has fought to conserve the system of checks and balances and defend the Bill of Rights.

Yet again, the ACLU proves that they do not understand who the Constitution applies to. A hint for them: it applies to Americans and those applying for citizenship, not foreigners caught fighting in Afghanistan wearing no uniform who would be happy to cut American heads off with rusty saws.

Nance Pelosi, the presumptive next Speaker of the House, shows that Braying Asses do not get the War On Terror:

"Democrats want terrorists who kill Americans tried, convicted and punished through a constitutionally sound process that will be upheld on appeal. That goal will not be achieved by the bill President Bush signed into law today."

In other words, given house arrest and aroma therapy.

Also, it is funny how many Moonbats think things like this apply to them. Have they renounced their US citizenship, and gone to fight against the US on a battlefield?

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