WTW: Vote Braying Asses, Infidels

And a good Wednesday, infidels. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here, sitting in for Jebediah, who is off doing an inventory on his booty this morning.

Wandering around the Right-O-Sphere, I noticed that a few neocons have gone a bit wobly, and are potentially going to vote Democrat this November. Infidels Cranky at Six Meat Buffet, along with Preston TH, and Beth at MVRWC highlight this. Supposedly, the Frist and Foley issues have driven some neocons over the edge, and they refuse to vote Republican.

Well, those of us in the jihad industry think this is excellent, and it is what we, along with our brothers in the Democratic Party and the Netroots have been working for.

Now, we aren't too happy about having to work with so many women, particularly the old bags who wear their shirts open at the neck a bit too much. Nor are we happy with many of the liberal stances they take. A Democratic win in 2006 would mean legislation like protecting abortion, lose sexual morals, and homosexual marriage as an institution. We understand that your infidel president Bush will veto these Bills, but the democrats will try. However, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

But, on the bright side, the Demoncratic Party will attempt to roll back all tax cuts, and use the money to pay for all their social programs, leaving less money for fighting our Brotherhood.

As a matter of fact, a Democratically controlled House of Representatives would mean Vietnam Redux. They will refuse to pass any legislation providing money to fight the neocons war on terror, particularly for Iraq. No money means no mission. They tell us they want nothing more then to force a pullout from Iraq, just like they did in Vietnam. At that point, the American military will be so demoralized that they will not want to fight against the Mujahadeen, and will diminish in stature as neocons refuse to join the military. Giving us free reign to either force people to convert, to become dhimmi's, or die.

They will also drag your neocon infidel president Bush and his necon cabel into constant impeachment hearings. Rumsfeld, Rice, military commanders, Rove, intelligence officers, Cheny, they will all be spending their time before panels of Demoncrats, rarely testifying, just listening to bloviation by Demoncrats over their failures in Vietraq. Meaning they will not have the time to fight the war on terror. We know that Bush will not be removed from office during his final two years, but his ability to fight us will be truly diminished.

Without control of the White House, the Demoncrats will not be able to get much of their policy agenda done, but we are working hard to help them in that affair for 2008. Handing over American military and intelligence sovreignity to the UN will most certainly benefit us. They do not mind our treatment of our chatel, such as women, and they will try to engage us in dialogue. Contemptible, but, we can jerk them around for decades, as we have already done.

So, please, vote Democrat, infidel neocons. Or vote for a third party. Or, better yet, just do not vote. You might as well get used to it, because, when we are done, there will be no voting. It is against the word of Mohammed and the Koran.

More: this infidel neocon is wavering, but appears to think that voting for the GOP is her best option. Does she not realize that it is preordained that the Democrats shall win? Does she not want to be part of the new way, leading to the Word of Islam?

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5 Responses to “WTW: Vote Braying Asses, Infidels”

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  2. Stacy says:

    Glad 6-meat saw. I’ve been reading about this as well and it bothers me. It’s not that I don’t understand, but it’s important to remember the big picture.

  3. Infidel woman, you must vote Democrat. It will make your transition to Dhimmi or full Islamic member easier. We, along with our Democratic brethren, know what is best for you.

    BTW, what size Burka do you wear? And, is it red? I love red.

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  5. LindaSoG says:

    democrats, bah! no burka for me!

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