WTW: Remembering the Other Side

Morning, y’all, Jebediah here. And, I have a serious subject for this Wednesday.

Journalistic responsibility. Now, I reckon I won’t beat this to death, but, I want to run this by folks.

We in the right-o-sphere are constantly talking about the bias, spin, and sometimes, outright lies that come from the mainstream media. Yet, on the flip side, when we post a story, are we always sure of the facts, since the stories are coming from the same sources?

Most of us are not official reporters, or

Teach recently had the pleasure to have a brief email conversation with someone who was profiled, well, actually, almost ridiculed in a media article, along with a group of people. Teach, and several other bloggers, picked this story up and ridiculed the people and group in the story. I shan’t mention which one. He promised the person that he/she would not see their name in an article on the Pirate’s Cove, or the specifics, so, I will not mention which article or post. Suffice to say, Teach said some unflattering things about the group overall.

But was the original story correct? Maybe, maybe not. Teach found out there were two sides to the story, something that Teach, other bloggers, and myself, often forget.

We have forgetten the lesson of cBS, that bias in the media can be so deep that anything can, and will, happen. And perhaps we should be a little more diligent and a bit more skeptical when citing an article, and realize that the reporter, news source, editor, etc, might themselves have an agenda, which skews the facts and perspective. Finally, said skew can then skew what we write.

Something to think about.

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