Liquid Bust A Win For The Muzzies?

This morning, a plane was diverted to Charlotte-Douglass airport in Charlotte, NC. Why? Because of a suspicious smell and a bottle of water that a passanger brought on board (the water, not necessarily the smell.)

In one sense, despite all those people being busted and the plan to blow up planes being stopped, this is a win for Al Queda, at least in the short term. They get us to be paranoid, and change our behavior, which is what terrorists want. Terrorists do not kill simply for the sake of killing, they want something.

What they want is for Christians to roll over and become members of their Islamic sect.

What they want is the United States to completely and utterly leave the Middle East and any nation with Muslims.

What they want is Israel to die as a nation.

What they want is for the Western world to asscede to their will, and the primacy of a radical Mohammed.

They do this by scaring us, by making us change out behavior.

But, as long as we stick to our morals, and our way of life, any minor inconvenience will not give them a win. We need to fight them back, all out war.

And we need to show the supposedly moderate Arabs that it is time to stand up to the people who have hijacked their religion, and made all Muslims be thought of as blood thirsty terrorists.

And, then, issues like what happened in Charlotte today will be minor news.

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