Today’s Top Spam

Stacey has her Friday Freaks. Some sick puppies out there in Internet Land.

My top spam today was Lesbian, followed by phenterine. We are talking 280 spams, consiting mostly of those two, from the last time I checked using my blackcrackberry around 4pm.

But, "care bears getting it on?" Yikers, Stacy!

Anyhow, this should help all the little freaks out there who want to know about care bear porn

[gv data=”i3wsbtA793Q”][/gv]

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4 Responses to “Today’s Top Spam”

  1. Stacy says:

    That was one f**king sick video. But at least I now know what a Care Bear getting it on is. :LOL:

  2. pretty bad, eh? I ran across that one looking for one of those “porn alert!” videos. I couldn’t believe the serendipity. I swear I wasn’t looking for it.

  3. I didn’t know they had a new bear in Care Bear Land,”Vibrator Bear.” I need to go check in my daughter;s bedrom and make sure that bear hasn’t snuck into her room!

  4. Urge to photoshop growing stronger. Must resists 🙂

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