Cynthia McKinney Results

The Surrender Monkey has joined us this fine Tuesday evening, to be witness to who wins the Dem nomination for the Georgia 4th District. SM knows who he is pulling for, and has even brought out old talking points

And the results between Nutty McKinney and the other Liberal (Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.)

3:55am on We           Votes           Percentage

Johnson                   41,178             58.8%

McKinney                 28,832             41.2%

98% reporting (tightening up a bit)

BTW, I am going by the official state results. Not playing that game that Mary Beth Cahill did in 2004, where "her numbers" didn't gibe with the official state ones Tongue out

Also, what the heck is with the slow reporting? Most of the other races have like 75% reporting by this time. Just another case of Dems not being able to run a voting precinct correctly.

Well, with 89% reporting, I am calling it for Johnson. He has been up all night, and it would take a huge change with the last 11% to make a difference for McKinney.

I guess being a wacko, doing absolutely nothing in Congress, and striking a Capital Police officer does make a difference.

Final update with 98% reporting.

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7 Responses to “Cynthia McKinney Results”

  1. tommy says:

    The state numbers show them reversed from yours.

    Or maybe I’m misreading them.

  2. crap, I reversed something. Fixing. Thanks for the heads up, tommy!

  3. Gone are the days where Cynthia will be smacking around security guards just trying to earn an honest living!

    Gone too are the days where Joe Lieberman is a Democrat. He’s still going to be a senator, but now he’ll be an independent. YAY!

  4. benning says:

    The media will report the races of those they support swiftly when they are winning. If they are losing they will bury the reports until the results are clearer. Hoping that the Lefty will surge as the results come in.

    That’s what I think happened!

    With 97% reporting the results are:
    Hank Johnson 41,178 59%
    Cynthia McKinney 28,832 41%

    I was hoping the early trend would hold, with McKinney only garnering around 26% of the vote. Now that would have been funny!

  5. Jeremy, what up?

    Yeah, a total but woopin’ of McKooky would have been great, but, at least she is gone.

  6. 19% in the political arena is a complete massacre. That’s almost five times as bad a defeat as the Lieberman loss.

    Yes, I’m back. Unfortunately my comments section is broken at the source. The ban feature on Munuviana seems to be broken.

  7. William Teach says:

    Well, good that you are back. You bring great discussion and insight to the ‘sphere.

    Lot’s of wonkiness with the mu nu back end, due, form what I heard, to alot of attacks on the servers.

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