Remember This Next Time a Dem Slams US Troops

One of the books I am reading now is Strategery, by Bill Sammon. He makes mention of a quote from the Dems rented goalie presidential contender, John Kerry, during his convention acceptance speech:

I know what kids go through when they are carrying an M-16 in a dangerous place and they can't tell friend from foe.  I know what they go through when they're out on patrol at night and they don't know what's coming around the next bend. I know what it's like to write letters home telling your family that everything's all right when you're not sure that's true.

Just remember that next time the Democrats start railing against our troops. Remember that this is they guy they nominated to run for president in 2004. Remember that this is the guy who the Dems cheered for, and backed.

Then you will understand that Dems will say and do anything for their own personal power, regardless of who it hurts and how hypocritical it is.

That, and fighting a "more sensitive war on terror."

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3 Responses to “Remember This Next Time a Dem Slams US Troops”

  1. chicagoray says:

    I remember that, and I also remember this:

    “My name’s John Kerry and I’m reporting for duty”.

    I guess that duty included he killing of women and children hat he talked about during vietnam and that his pal Murtha is accusing the troops of now huh?

    What a bunch of flippin clowns these dems are, no doubt.

  2. I about died when he came out for the speech and did that. Of course, as we all said, the man had no Senate record, so he had to speak about something. Why not 5 months in Vietnam 30 years ago?

  3. Maggie says:

    Five months…and four band-aids!

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