Only Liberals Can Save The U.S.A (bwahahahahahaha!)

Seriously. That is what the book "The Good Fight: Why Liberals — And Only Liberals –Can Win the War on Terror and Make America Great Again" is saying. I ran across this at the Barnes and Nobles while waitinf on a pizza, and about died laughing. Consider, from inside the jacket:

Once upon a time, liberals knew what they believed. They believed America must lead the world by persuasion, not command. And they believed that by championing freedom overseas, America itself could become more free. That liberal spirit won America's trust at the dawn of the cold war. Then it collapsed in the wake of Vietnam. Now, after 9/11, and the failed presidency of George W. Bush, America needs it back.

In this powerful and provocative book, Peter Beinart offers a new liberal vision, based on principles liberals too often forget: That America's greatness cannot simply be asserted; it must be proved. That to be good, America does not have to be pure. That American leadership is not American empire. And that liberalism cannot merely define itself against the right, but must fervently oppose the totalitarianism that blighted Europe a half century ago, and which stalks the Islamic world today.

With liberals severed from their own history, conservatives have drawn on theirs — the principles of national chauvinism and moral complacency that America once rejected. The country will reject them again, and embrace the creed that brought it greatness before. But only if liberals remember what that means. It means an unyielding hostility to totalitarianism — and a recognition that defeating it requires bringing hope to the bleakest corners of the globe. And it means understanding that democracy begins at home, in a nation that does not merely preach about justice, but becomes more just itself.

Basically, what the author is saying is that liberals can only save the USA from terrorism and make her great again by completely changing from the socialistic playa-haters they are currently back to the JFK non-p*ssy's style from the early 60's. Which will not happen any time. I suppose there should be a "soon" after "time," but, not going to happen.

In fact, Conservatives really are liberals, too. Conservatives are Liberals, or, should I say, Classical Liberals. When the leftards call us neo-cons, they aren't that far off. Today's American conservatives and mainstream liberals are both parts of the classical liberal model. Quite a few of the liberals, particularly those who call themselves "progressives," have been moving far over into the Socialist model during the past 30 years. So, maybe it isn't fair to call them "libs" anymore.

What does all this mean? It means that this is just another wishful book from a lefty writer, dealing more in flights of fancy then reality. The Left will not reform itself, and the stable, down to earth Libs such a Joe Leiberman will be run out of the Democratic party, leaving only the kook fringe.

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