Damn That Global Climate Optimum II!

And the Sun! And the natural process’ of the Earth! How dare they doing something like change temperatures on the Human Race yet again! (Fram a Space.com article)

Signs of global warming are three times more apparent in Antarctica than across the rest of the planet, a new study shows.

Using newly digitized temperature, humidity, and wind data collected from instruments aboard weather balloons between 1971 and 2003, scientists found a winter season warming throughout the Antarctic atmosphere.

The scientists estimate that atmospheric temperatures over Antarctica in the winter have risen by about 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 Celsius) in the last 30 years, and the change is due in large part to greenhouse gas emissions.

“Greenhouses gases could be having a bigger impact in Antarctica than across the rest of the world and we don’t understand why,” said John Turner of the British Antarctic Survey.

The greenhouse gases from Man could have a bigger impact. Then again, it could be the Sun increasing in output over the past 60+ years. It could be the natural rythm of the Earth, which would include output of greenhouse gasses such as methane from plants, trees, volcano’s, etc.

Remember, there have been multiple climate changes, such as the Global Climate Optimum and the Little Ice Age within the past 2000 years, much less much bigger hot and cold times throughout the history of the Earth. To think that Man could effect the Earth with a itty bitty little fraction of the output of greenhouse gasses is the hight of hysteria. Maybe if we had a nuclear war, or were dumping all our garbage into the oceans, which would kill the plankton, a major source of CO2 to O2 change.

Of course, the Global Warming alarmists hysterics say that what Man is doing will cause a run away change that cannot be stopped, like in some bad science fiction movie, and we will all boil to death. More then likely, according to real science, what will happen is the Earth will go back into a cooler period. That’s just the way the cycle of climate works ont he Earth. Get over yourselves.

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