UNEP Pushes Kyoto Compliance Rules: Violators Snicker

The United Nations cannot even control their own workers, including high ranking ones, what with Oil For Food scandal, the sex and drug parties by UN workers, sexual harrasment (the real kind, not the “I heard a joke” type), child abuse, and so on. Yet, they think that they can force compliance with the Kyoto Protocol:

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has formally launched a compliance system for the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The system applies to those countries that have signed the Kyoto Protocol, but does not affect the U.S., China, India or other countries that have failed to ratify the pact.

Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) commented: “Climate change is the most serious challenge facing the world and the Kyoto Protocol is the internationally agreed mechanism for averting it”.

Wait, I thought getting rid of George W Bush was the most serious challenge facing the world. Oops, maybe it is that most European signaturies aren’t in compliance. You know, the ones who always complain about the USA “pulling out” of Kyoto.

Seriously, why is “climate change” the most serious challenge? It happens. The climate changes. That is the pattern of life on the Earth. It is not stagnent. Furthermore, since the global warming enthusiasts cannot even refer to it that way anymore, instead calling it climate change, they must have realized that all their pontificating was pure BS, and they are now trying to save face.

The regulatory system contains both an enforcement branch and a facilitative branch. The enforcement wing has the power to decide on the consequences for countries encountering difficulties in meeting their commitments by 2012. The other branch is designed to promote compliance by offering countries advice and assistance.

“Kyoto has many carrots including the chance for developed nations to offset some of their emissions in developing countries through tree planting and renewable energy schemes, up to participating in the emerging carbon trading markets,” Toepfer continued. “With today’s announcement, the Protocol also has teeth, as befits a legally binding treaty. This in turn adds to the integrity of Kyoto and its provisions, in particular the credibility of the emissions trading markets.”

Yes, like 12 years of sanctions on Iraq had teeth. And, don’t forget, trees cause global warming. Excuse me, climate change (snicker.)

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2 Responses to “UNEP Pushes Kyoto Compliance Rules: Violators Snicker”

  1. Ogre says:

    For every tree I plant, I run the chain saw for 20 minutes to try and balance things out.

  2. William Teach says:

    Have to make sure there are no Liberal trees in the yard 😉

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